Amanda & Evie’s Breastfeeding Session – Michigan Motherhood Photographer

I say this about all my sessions, but this.. this is my favorite session to date. <3 Amanda trusted in me to design a beautiful session for her and her daughter to remember this amazing time in their life. Breastfeeding isn’t always glamorous but it’s fun to dress up and pretend it is for a couple hours!

When Amanda came in for her consultation she told me this was something she’s been wanting to do since Evie was 6 months old, thinking she might be too old (she’s just over a year here) she almost didn’t do it. I’m so glad she came in! We talked about colors and what she had envisioned, and looked at the studio gowns. All while little Evie tried climbing away from mom!

The day of the session I had the set ups ready for her and we started right away! Amanda brought in a sound machine and cute little dress for Evie.

This was a dream session! Amanda and Evie were so much fun and the relationship between the two was just amazing to capture. <3

Please enjoy some of Amanda and Evie’s beautiful breastfeeding photos from their session! The first image is my absolute favorite, I will be posting a video of the edit in the near future!


Little Evie was CONSTANTLY looking at the camera, saying “hi!” and waving! Such a doll!!

Of course, it’s not a true nursing session until the little one grabs moms hair.. <3

Or her face… <3

Some of Amanda’s favorite images of the session <3: Sorry for the overshare.. but these two are just too much! I loved every aspect of this session and I want to do more!!

I hope you enjoyed my session with Amanda and Evie! If you would like to book your very own breastfeeding or motherhood session, let’s set up a free consultation!


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