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Becky came to meet me at my in-home studio, and we chatted for a bit and set up her babywearing session!

As we talked about the details of a session I also learned a little bit about her! She helps moderate Maya Wrap’s social media accounts, and also moderates a local babywearing page on Facebook! In case you didn’t know, Maya Wrap is a babywearing company which makes ring slings, mei tais, wraps and other accessories! Check them out when you get a chance! Website: Facebook: and Instagram:

We were very lucky to be able to use a number of their wraps during Becky’s session! They were absolutely gorgeous! But don’t take my word for it, check out the photos below! 🙂

metro detroit babywearing photographerIn addition to the awesomeness that is Becky, her family also travels to Greece to visit family! Bringing wraps with them has eased traveling with both their boys.
macomb babywearing photographer maya wrapKosta, Becky’s eldest, also joined in on the babywearing fun! How cute are they??

Here’s a snippet of Becky’s views on the benefits of Babywearing and why she does it:

“Accessibility, comfort, bonding. … When we travel to our families in Greece, it’s wonderful to not have to worry about packing a stroller! I just pack two baby carriers, and I know they’ll be comfortable whether we’re walking down a road or hiking up to the Acropolis.
When my firstborn was a toddler, I noticed that if I held him on my hip during church, my back would ache for days, but if I put him in the sling, I felt fine!
I also lack a lot of strength in my wrists from an injury years ago, so I’m able to babywear my children for much longer than I could if I were holding them in my arms!”

Interested in knowing what wraps Becky had for our session? All of them are from Maya Wrap!

I hope you enjoyed my session with Becky!


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