Session Guide

Choosing a location.

Together we’ll choose the best location for your session based on the type of session it is; maternity, newborn, family, engagement, etc. New and fun places are great, so let’s think of ways to show-off your personalities. If you’re the outdoorsy type, we’ll meet at a park or field or trail. Downtown/rural buildings, old doors, steps, gardens, parks, campus, coffee shops, and playgrounds make great backdrops. Let us know what’s on your mind!

If we shoot indoors (lifestyle), it’s important to use as much natural light as possible. So, please send us a few photos of your rooms beforehand so we can be prepared. (cellphone pics are fine) We want this session to be relaxed and personal, so to keep the focus on you don’t be surprised if we move furniture or decorations. (We’ll put everything back!) Studio sessions will have plenty of lighting, if you have a medical disability (such as epilepsy) please let us know as we do use flash for most sessions.


Hair, make-up & nails.

Please keep hair and make-up natural and simple, and remember to clean and trim everyone’s fingernails and toenails (especially mom/dad for a newborn session). Oh, and don’t be surprised (or offended) if I ask your child to remove her bows or ponytails.


If someone scheduled for the session is ill, we’re happy to reschedule. When we’re ill we always reschedule Newborn Sessions. For other sessions, rescheduling due to our illness will be considered case by case.

Clothing Suggestions!


We have a number of maternity dresses in our studio available to use during your session. Additional gowns can be ordered 4-6 weeks before your session, for them to arrive on time. Some of the gowns can be seen here: Maternity Gowns. Your street clothes are another option for your maternity session. Simple outfits, with lots of layers and accessories! Remember, blouses over t-shirts! Don’t forget any momentos you want to include!

For couple poses, refer to Families and couples below.


Simple is best.

Babies and toddlers look best in very little. For older babies, a few cute simple outfits, t-shirts or even a diaper with a simple cover works fine. Keep it comfortable and simple. Changing their clothing too often can spoil a good mood, so we’ll play it by-ear.



Less is best.

Studio sessions we use studio props, so we have you covered there! Any special toys or blankets, bring them with you.

If we come to your home for a Lifestyle Session, pull out a few changes to have ready. Soft onesies or rompers work nicely and just a diaper w/cover is even better. I’ll bring textured wraps.

Families and couples.

Coordinating, but NOT exactly matching.

Here are few general guidelines for family clothing:

*Everyone should be in the same style; all dressy or all casual.

*Stick with similar or complimentary color tones and fabrics (ie. everyone in pastels or jewel tones).

*Please, no neon or one-color schemes. (ie. all red shirts)

Moms should stand out (dresses/skirts or fashionable jeans, and heels), Dads should compliment, and kids should have at least one small part of their outfit reflect their personalities, like a hat, or a fun t-shirt under a jacket, or cool shoes.




Couples should grab a few different outfits to use during their session. Make sure they follow the same suggestion with both dressy and both casual, and by all means, include a bit of your personalities. Bring a jeans outfit; girls wear colorful tops/jackets, guys with a complimenting color t-shirt or button-up. A dress for her, and dress pants w/button-up and tie for him. Boots, hats, jackets, jewelry, or shoes will add personality and style.


Reflecting you.

Grab three-four different outfits for your Portrait Session. Make sure they reflect all the different sides of you; casual, dressy, fun, creative, serious, etc. Include accessories that compliment your personality and the outfit; hats, jewelry, boots, jackets, etc. Girls can even change their hair styles, if they’d like.

Newborn Session Guide

Babies up to two-weeks-old are preferred for our Newborn Session, but please don’t hesitate to contact Kateri if your baby is older!


Below are a few suggestions for ensuring a warm, sleepy, and happy baby during our session:

*Lifestyle sessions: Turn up the heat or turn off the AC. Warm the house/environment more than normally comfortable.

*Studio sessions will be warm, so layers for mom/dad will be advised. We do have room for mom and dad to relax as well.

*Undress your baby down to a loose fitting diaper (to avoid lines) and wrap him in a lightweight blanket for lifestyle sessions. We will be undressing baby down to their birthday suit for studio sessions as long as you’re comfortable with it.

*Wait to feed your baby until you get to the studio, or I get to your home. Feed your baby until he/she is good and full. You’ll probably have to stop for a feeding or two during our session, so please don’t worry about a specific schedule. We never rush a Newborn Session and are happy to wait for you to breastfeed or take breaks until your baby is calmed.


Since we normally shoot these sessions indoors, it’s important to use as much natural light as possible. So, please send us a few photos of your rooms beforehand so we can be prepared. (cellphone pics are fine) And, since we want this session to focus on your newborn, so don’t be surprised if we move furniture or decorations. (We’ll put everything back!)

Be prepared for you and us, or possibly my blankets/fabrics to be soiled on; it’s okay and happens all of the time. Playing music or other white noise (comfortable volume) helps to drown out the camera’s clicking sound.

Please let us know if you have any suggestions for props and settings to use during your session. Maybe a special blanket? Just warm it up and keep it nearby.


A parent must always be present during the session.

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