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Hi! So, I thought I would write a post about the sessions I specialize in. MOTHERHOOD! We all know what the general term means, at least I hope we all do! Lol
But really, motherhood is more than just including you (mom) in photos. I want to capture the essence of you, through everything you’re a part of. You gave birth to that precious bundle of joy that cries in the middle of the night. You spend your life making sure the people you love are happy and well cared for. In my photography, I want to capture the love your life brings to others around you!

Motherhood sessions can be you and your baby, or all your babies! Husband included. 😉 I’m a mother of a spunky four year old girl. I know how difficult it can be to get children (even babies and husbands) to cooperate during a photoshoot. If for some weird reason we can’t get a single photo you LOVE during your shoot, we can reschedule and make sure we get some you do! There are time ranges in each of my sessions, but honestly I will not cut a session short if there are great photo opportunities!

The one thing I tell all my clients, is to just be yourself during our photoshoots. No one likes stiff poses! I will direct you in where to stand and where to place that awkward feeling hand, don’t worry! These sessions are great for spending an hour or two with your family or child(ren) and trust me, you will have FUN!

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