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When I first met Sarah we talked about doing a babywearing session while our two rug rats played at Detroit Kid City! So much fun!

We talked about the details of a session and I also learned a little bit about her! Turns out, she’s a doula! Check out her Facebook Page @doulasofdownriver and the website ! She also admins a local babywearing Facebook page called Downriver Mi Babywearing. If you want to reach out find her on Facebook (Sarah Wood!) She’s super nice and I promise she doesn’t bite! 🙂

I had such an amazing time capturing these photos, please enjoy a “few” from Sarah and Henry’s session! 🙂

Downriver babywearing photo session belle isleIt was hard, really hard, not to agree with everything Sarah was describing about how she saw the session. I mean. Gorgeous. <3
If you’re not familiar with babywearing, you should look into it. There are many benefits of babywearing for your babies AND mom! Keeping your baby close and calm while playing with your older children is one great benefit!
Westcroft Gardens Babywearing Photography SessionFrom the short time I spent with her, I learned how laid back Sarah is. Henry was so so calm and just a happy baby while up on mama, until it was time to eat! 🙂

Belle Isle Babywearing Photography SessionHere’s a snippet of Sarah’s views on the benefits of Babywearing and why she does it:
“Where do I start, babywearing has been a significant part in each of my children’s life. I’m a strong believer of laying in immediately following birth. Keeping my babies close during the postpartum period, helps keep the oxytocin flowing and establish breastfeeding. However life continues and older siblings require attention. Babywearing during those early days was so important and helped create the bond between me and my babies. Today, my youngest loves to be worn and will not complain if he is in a carrier sometimes for 2 to 3 hours multiple times a day.”

“I babywear for the convenience! My children are so much happier while being worn. In our home, we have seen a significant reduction in crying while worn compared to other techniques we have tried. I know that I am building the confidence for my little ones to explore the world when they are ready.”

macomb babywearing photographer garden belle isle
Interested in knowing what wraps Sarah had for our session? Here they are: Pavo flax etini size 6, Oscha Roses zen size 6, Artipoppe Canapa denim size 4
Detroit Babywearing Photographer gardenBabywearing Photography Session baby fieldMetro Detroit Babywearing photo session outdoorsbabywearing photo session downriver baby photographerOne of Sarah’s favorite parts of the session <3:

belle isle westcroft gardens babywearing photography session mot

I hope you enjoyed my session with Sarah!


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