A Session With Kateri | Macomb Photographer

After our Pre Consultation is over and all the details have been set, I will concentrate on setting up for your session!

The Session:

Maternity – A maternity session will take approximately 1-2 hours, including any necessary walking time. A session with me will be stress free and fun! 🙂 I will arrive at the location (if it’s not in my studio) shortly before or right at our discussed time. We may have to walk a little ways in order to get to the precise spot where your session will take place, but we will plan for that in our pre consultation meeting. Once we get to the spot we will start right away! I will position you when I have to so you look your best in camera, but I absolutely love to capture those candid shots when you don’t know I’m watching! 🙂 I want you to have fun during our session together and your best interests are my number 1 priority, if you don’t feel comfortable- tell me! If we are outdoors for your maternity session and there are no nearby bathrooms for changing, I will have blankets that you can change behind if you’re comfortable. Most of my gowns you will be able to just slip over a tank top and leggings! 🙂 My gowns are very versatile and we can adjust them to be modest or show off your growing baby belly!  🙂 

Newborns – Newborn sessions will take 2-4 hours (possibly longer) depending on cooperation of baby and/or older siblings. 🙂 For a newborn session we will either be in your home or at my in-home studio. I will be bringing minimal props (mostly lighting equipment) to my lifestyle sessions, we will be concentrating on the relationships that have started to build between your new baby and the rest of the family. We will also capture moments doing every day-to-day things, feeding baby; playing with baby; and the snuggles. <3

During a studio newborn session with me: we will start with sibling poses, I will begin with the older siblings laying on a background and place baby next to or between them. From there we will go to family photos, then begin posing on my newborn pose bag. We will do as many poses as baby will allow, between changings and feedings, within our 2-4 hour time range. If you are breastfeeding and would like privacy, I will gladly leave the room. If you are comfortable and would like images of this special bond, I will gladly capture them if you ask. 🙂 If time allows when we are finished with the bean bag we will do one pose in a bucket. Capturing the tiny features of your baby will be my priority during the newborn sessions, I want you to have the best images to remember this fleeting moment!!

Contact me to set up your session today! 🙂


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